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Our Services



Our Services: From Floor to Finish

Our team is equipped to build your space from scratch or spruce up a cozy corner with a light that sparks life into the room. We provide end-to-end services and will guide you through every process from flooring to finishing - as you get closer to having a beautiful home or office you proudly call your own.

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Our Process: Inclusivity and Diversity

We craft spaces that represent You. Your beliefs, lifestyle and passions.

- Every project commences with a deep research on the history, origin and context of the destination.
- From that we build a story and design language that is unique to the landscape.
- We evolve from 2D layouts to 3D visuals that incorporate lighting, furniture, and accessories.
- We join hands with local artisans to mould your space into a home that speaks a stunning sensory language.

Sustainability is the Language We Speak. 

A space built by Edamame is designed with the lowest environmental impact possible. 

  • Our resources are local
  • Our mantra is to recycle, upcycle and repurpose 
  • Our designs are timeless, flexible and made to last 
  • Our smart-spaces are energy efficient 
  • Our efforts lie in minimizing the waste-generated
  • Our motive is to uplevel the ecosystem and neighbouring community